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Bucho’s Show Notes

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Bucho’s Show Notes

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    When I went through the shows the second time I took all these notes in notepads. With a pen. Then I couldn’t be fucked scanning them so I took photos of them.

    The original intent was that I wanted to edit some SOS Light shows for the lads, but I’m short on time since I’ve been doing so much moving house, studying, chores, girlfriend time, work etc. I edited a few random ones, 000, 001, 030, 037 and 093 and they’re good, but I don’t know if I’ll get any more done in the next little while since I’m heading offshore and will have even less computer time than now.

    So if any of you good bastards and vagrants gets the urge to edit some SOS maybe these notes will help you find good cut points. It’s a 112MB zip at Megaupload.


    Any questions, criticisms or declarations of goatlove, you know where to find me.

    Right here..

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    Wow dude. I’m downloading now…


    You’re amazing, Bucho!


    Octavious, you old smoothy.

    I thought it was worth doing, even just for myself, because I think the show will have replay value for years to come. A lot of the stuff, like the stories and movie references, won’t age but the behind the scenes kind of things and some of the slower parts of the show already have become irrelevant and kill the momentum in a way they didn’t when they were brand new.

    Also, and mainly, I wanted to have other people I know get into the show but when they’re people who not only don’t make time for podcasts, but don’t really listen to talk radio either, I wanted to give them the show with only the things that would be entertaining to that kind of person. That’s what I tried to get at with the ratings so they’re very subjective to my idea of what that would be and my idea of that may be different to others’.

    I stand by the cut points though, I think 97% of the time they’re a good place to either cut the shows into separate tracks, or use them in conjunction with the ratings to cut off the fat so to speak.

    This is a link to the edits of show 001 and 030 (the two original parts of 030 are combined)


    I tried to cut at points that wouldn’t affect continuity but because of the natural flow of the show that’s not always possible so you might notice sudden changes of subject in one or two places. In the future I might insert a quick 1 or 2 second sting (like the first bar of the Orange Lounge or something) at those points to make it clear there’s a change and prevent confusion.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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