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Bryan’s Motorola SLVR For Sale – complete with Show content

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Bryan’s Motorola SLVR For Sale – complete with Show content

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    It’s sort of a show resource, the Motorola Death tone was used on the show, and the phone has show content on it, including an exclusive (only one phone on the planet has it) SOS wallpaper. It also includes the ‘Chicken In A Butt” MP3 ringer, and the always popular “Orange Lounge” ringer.

    So it’s my L7 Quad Band (world phone) with iTunes, 2 complete sets of stock accessories with 2 512MB cards and a Motorola Bluetooth Headset ( H500 ) and it can be loaded with SOS content.

    The phone is totally scratch-less, and can be unlocked if you wish (allowing it to work on T-Mobile or any GSM system if you like). Keep in mind non-USA listeners, this is a worldphone, so it WILL work in your area. I can monsterpack it, lift the 100 song limit on iTunes and do whatever. It’s $275 to a switched:ON Fan, or someone you know and love. Everyone else can give me $290. This phone is the super bombdiggity, I’m just going back to Sprint.

    Check out the ad on Craigslist if you want to know more:


    That’s some sexy looking product right there. Extremely well written ad, too. None of that means anything, but I felt compelled to say, nonetheless.

    Hey, “Scammers Don’t Bother Contacting” really caught my eye. How could someone attempt to scam that ad especially on the buying end? I know that anyone can scam anything at any time, but I was wondering if there were such things as Craig’s List uber-crooks.


    I usually get less than half of the obligatory spam from Craigslist when I write that. I suppose it’s still a fairly manual process there.

    Version3 wrote:
    Motorola Bluetooth Headset ( H500 )

    Complete with ear discharge, which will probably get put up on Ebay for $500 😀

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.


    It’s gone. Listen to show 96 for related comments.


    Man, that’s pretty fucking weird that you had to deliver it to your ex-girlfriend’s house. She probably thought that you were stalking her or something.

    Just wondering, when she was the nurse or whatever for your hernia, did she check out your goods and remember the good times with you, her, and the blind guy from across the street?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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