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Brokeback Mountain <Corby>Huuuh?</Corby>

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Brokeback Mountain <Corby>Huuuh?</Corby>

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    I was sucked into watching this turd by my wife the other night when we were at a friend’s having dinner.

    I had no desire to see it, but I thought “What the hell, I have an open mind. I’ll give it a shot.”

    Now, I’m no homophobe. One of my bets friends is gay. I’m not offended by that stuff and I did not have a problem with it in the movie.

    I’m a left-brained, math and science guy. I couldn’t follow the damn story! I had to keep asking what was going on because there was just way too much symbolism and flashbacks. I’m still not sure what the end was all about. What the hell?

    I really shouldn’t have to think that hard to be entertained for Christ sake!

    One word review: Blech!


    Yeah, the movie’s really not for everybody, and that’s obvious by the response I got when I posted my review. But hey, whatever, you know? I’ll never watch it again, but it was a pretty good movie. The more time goes on, the less impressed I am with it, simply because of the realization that without the gay themes, there’s not much of a movie. Like Titanic, but it hits people at the right time, and…

    Shut the hell up, Rob.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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