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Brandon’s Buttered Popcorn Reviews #2: X-Men 3

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Brandon’s Buttered Popcorn Reviews #2: X-Men 3

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    First of all I must say that I am a huge X-Men fan. The franchise is amazing to me because beyond the spandex there is a powerful story about racism, heroism, coolism and other -ism’s that I can’t think of. So today I decided to catch the earliest show possible at 12:35 and was greeted with about the crowd I was expecting, enough to for people to seat-search, but a few shy from full. Anyways, lets get the formalities out of the way. X-Men and X2 were great films, led by a great director, Bryan Singer, who left the franchise to work on Superman Returns. This move was a huge disappointment and left many fans, including myself, wondering who would fill the shoes left by Singer. But who would be our savior? Brett Ratner? BRETT RATNER !?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! Well yes, they were. The Rush Hour director would be in control of our merry mutants. Fans were appalled, but I decided to give him a chance. Well how did you go, you say Robby? Well to be honest, not that bad. It felt like what i was expecting from the first film, gigantic special effects and crazy CGI. Thats basiclly what the bulk of the movie was, nice action, but not enough story for my taste. The new characters felt almost tacked on at times, but they were some definite fan favorites to spice things up. I didn’t like the personality changes on a few though, Kitty wouldn’t say dickhead. Visually, it was pretty awesome, some of the Phoenix scenes had me actually going, HOLY SHIT THAT WAS COOL. The story was OK, it was enough to keep me interested, but lacked some of the characterization from the first two. To sum it up, the movie was adequate, it was worth the money and had enough inside X-Men jokes to make me very happy to pick up. Sorry, if hte review sucked I didn’t really feel like taking the time to do it right. Laters..

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