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Bing’s Dark Side Journey part 1

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Bing’s Dark Side Journey part 1

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    I’m in a dark, dark place my fellow SOS’ers. The light has taken a Bing-Vacation and left me on the path of the DarkSide.

    Right now I am particularly pissed at 2 things.

    Professional Athletes.
    This punk motherfuckers and their “I can do anything” attitude really make me wanna replace the basketball with a cannonball. I don’t for one minute think fines or suspensions are appropriate punishments for these fucking assholes. If I acted like these wastes of sperm I would be in jail. I think instead of punishment we should just shoot them all in the dick when they misbehave……..

    The News Media
    I’m sure there is news in the world other than 3 fucking dumbass fuckers who are too stupid not to know when to go Mountain Climbing. I say I think there may be other news but I am not sure because all the news media is doing is this one fucking story. If there was any sanity left in our world the news would be this, “Dumbasses stuck on mountain…oh well, next spring someone will find their gear hopefully….”

    Nuthin but non gay hatred and contempt.


    Bing, we MUST be related.


    Being right IS a burden isn’t it!


    I always wonder how people can be so fucking stupid.

    Anyway, I agree with Einstein when it comes to the stupids

    (see sig)


    I agree with Bing. Sorry for being an asshole but do I really care of people hiking up a mountain.


    Its okay to care for dumbasses.

    I’m quite fond of a few “ig’nert” fools myself.


    With most news stories that bring non-celebs out to the for-front is done by foolish stupid things or/and tradegy, like Paris Hilton.


    So are you pissed off with the news media (remember that we kinda BOTH work in that area) or are you pissed off with the dumbasses who trekked up a mountain before a blizzard blew in?


    Good Question…

    Hiking up a mountain..don’t get it
    Hiking up a snowy mountain..still don’t get it
    Hiking up a snowy mountain when you’ve been told its a BAD idea….yep, not gettin’ it

    Being forced to watch the entire event ’cause the news media is a lazy money-grubbing corporate whore….now THAT I get.

    Take all of the above…stir and mix well…heat at 345 degrees for 5 minutes and it just fuckin’ pisses me off.


    I saw a mountain once but it wasn’t on TV.

    I like titties.

    Jor-El wrote:
    I saw a mountain once but it wasn’t on TV.

    Which type?

    Standard grey with white top or the shy type (shy mountains always hide behind other mountains). 😕

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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