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Bing the Poet—"An ode to Bucho and stuff"

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Bing the Poet—"An ode to Bucho and stuff"

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    The Bucho we love most Mucho
    Come from New Zealin’ give us special Feelin’

    Always good with a joke, damn near made me choke
    Once he flung a hooker a rope, ran outta o’money, then let the bitch croak

    Once in a fit of realous jaze he spake
    gimme that beer you overrated fake

    Priming his sphincter for a shot of bodily gas
    I’ma take this here bottle and cut you cross the ass

    From foreign land afar he writes
    usually from a bar far into the night

    Bucho I am he sez that is no threat
    Unless you wish to taste Armez the big ball sweat

    For even those who inhabit the mother land
    Must admit this boy is fuggin grand.

    —sorry not longer, its a bitch to rhyme “Armez”


    That was beautiful Bing. This should be Shakespeare’s lost sonnet #sixty-lo


    Aw sheeit, now you gone ‘n’ done it dawg, I read this and then pulled my shirt over my face like the European soccer players do when they score a goal and ran up and down my street in full blown triumph until I got mown down by a streetsweeper. When I came to I still had nothin-but-non-gay-wood so I threw myself a parade (a non-gay parade). I am touched dude, not just in the head … but in my big black* NZ heart.

    I don’t know how you knew about the rope incident, but today … I don’t care. The fact Bing chose to use his immense, world-spanning artistic eye to toast a boy from little ol’ NZ … well I think I might be blushing a little bit. My ego just might finally go right over the edge into pure unadulterated delusion.

    *NZ national color not to be taken racially or as an allusion to disease.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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