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Bestest email ever?

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Bestest email ever?

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    So after my 6hour poweroutage, I opened my email and found this great piece of work inside…gotta love spam!


    I’ve been working on a image hosting service which launched a while ago.
    Unfortunately, it isn’t as succesfull as I hoped. It was a project from which I
    thaught could earn a little money to add to my savings for a study in Japan.
    Since I’m actually losing money on it (which was not intended) a friend of mine
    let me send you one mail. As you are huge anime/manga fans you should probably
    know how I feel. And therefor, I’m asking you to aid me. This can be by just
    clicking on ads every day, donating, forwarding this mail to as many as you
    know, place banners on your site and if you have your own suggestion feel free
    to mail it to suggestions@picfront.com. It would be great if there are people
    that would support me in this mission. Hopefully I’ve said enough and if you
    have questions/suggestions about this mail/site, mail them to address named
    before. The website is reachable @ http://www.picfront.com.

    Yours sincerely,
    Picfront builder

    ** If this email bothered you feel free to discard it **

    P.S. If they’re are people who want to know if I reached my goal, you can
    alway’s send me mail @ the address named before.


    Newman wrote:
    ** If this email bothered you feel free to discard it **

    I love how he has to grant permission for you to delete it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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