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BC-004 – Delayed of Course

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BC-004 – Delayed of Course

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    It’s a small file, but it’s up there… so shit, man… yeah.

    In the Feed: http://www.retrochimp.com/bc/bcRSS.xml

    Direct: http://www.retrochimp.com/bc/BC-004.mp3


    Fuckin huge bummer about the lost recordings Bryan but at least the MacGuyvered pop stopper doohickey seemed to work fine and it was cool to at least hear the short file.

    With my bands I never worried about the names being made fun of because I never took it too seriously how seriously anyone else took me. If that makes sense. I mean, I agonised over writing the tunes and recording them but ultimately I never wanted a name that was too earnest. My first band was called Itchy Thigh for no good reason, my second was Under Ground Locust Yard just because the initials spelled UGLY.

    I got lucky and had one of my songs playlisted on the university radio station a couple of years ago under the name Muscular Beaver, named for a fictional superhero in the fucking awesome Angry Beavers cartoon. I love that cartoon. For a long time I would split my creative output between projects named Crabs? and Love Slaves Of The Amazons.

    The only times I played under cool names were when other people named the bands, I played bass and sang backup for Frontside Grind, not a skatepunk band but more of a Motorhead style heavy fast rock band, and did a couple of gigs with two of the boys from UGLY under the name Liquid Inferno.

    Rivetting and fascinating stuff I know.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    I don’t even know what I say in these damn files, but I’m finding out. I’ve got 4 more that I need to put up, one of which is about 2.5 hours currently (yikes!). I have to listen to them, because I remember in at least one of them there is some info I need to cut out, like one of my credit card numbers or something to that effect. So, for once I have to preview and edit a bit.

    I dunno how you guys listen to these shows of me in the Beetle, my ears are worn out when I try to listen. Those are fucking loud.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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