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A thought about rotating

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A thought about rotating

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    This video probably won’t interest most of you very much, but it’s the video my thoughts are based on so you should at least watch 30 seconds of it or so.


    Now, I think it’d be funny if part-way through, when she made a mistake, you heard a gunshot and she fell mostly off her chair. Then some other Japanese lady would come in and drag her off the rest of the way and sit down and pick up where the last lady left off. Then when she made a mistake, she’d get shot and another Japanese lady would show up and so on.


    Holy fucking shit that keyboard’s awesome! The song styles are a bit cheesy, but imagine what Jerry could do with a board like that!


    I gotta wonder how annoying some of that auto-pitch bending stuff would be for someone who’d want control over it, but if it’s really a flagship model, then it can be changed anyway. The sounds weren’t bad at all, for being on-board stuff. I’m sure they selected those that best work for the demo, but still. I thought the wind simulated instruments were actually pretty nice sounding… if they could soften the stop/start of them a bit more it would be a bit better.

    BTW: funny idea about her being killed and replaced. I was starting to not only see it in my head… but waiting for an indication that it might start. 😀


    Well I tried but the asian women started freaking out when you bring in the gun. They’ll hang upside down on an elephant cock and get a barium enema for porn but aren’t up for murder.


    I don’t know if other keyboards do this, but with a lot of the Yamaha keyboards that have the MegaVoices samples, if you hit the keys really hard they act like you’re playing the instrument really hard for a moment. Like with a woodwind, it’ll make the over-blow squeak sound before settling down to the normal note.


    Sorry but for me, The Roland Phantom G8 takes the cake, hands down.

    I like titties.


    You’re all about cake and hands, aren’t you Jerry. Cake and hands.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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