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A special request from Bing

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A special request from Bing

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    AAYY! SOS’ers, Bing.

    Listen here, I have a huge gi-normous, ego-blasting, erectile causing favor to ask of each and every one of you…except for that Frank guy…..you’ll see why.

    And that favor is http://www.Brobenkind.com I would ask all of you to go and visit the site. Please understand this is not intended to take away any traffic from SOS or to compete with the guys in any way. I have no doubt the winner in a http://www.switchedonshow.com versus http://www.brobenkind.com poll, (hell I’m voting for the SOS’ers). Put simply, we are too different to compare, the SOS crew pride themselves (and rightfully so) on their unedited delivery and “real-time” conversation. http://www.brobenkind.com is all about heavy editing and comedic “bits”, we have only 1 podcast up (in three parts) and it is well over a year old.

    Let me give you some background. When Frank and I originally came up with the idea of the Brobenkind we were open to doing some type of production be it musical, written word, tv, independent movie, or radio. When the internet came along we decided it was the perfect vehicle for our little comedy “group”. However as time passed we found ourselves all scattering around the country and getting together to perform was just not possible-hence the birth of “WDCK Radio”. WDCK Radio is a fictitious radio program that was originally intended to be a 4 part series each consisting of 3 segments each……we pulled the plug after part 1.

    As long as I have lurked, listened to, posted on the forums, (and once) participated in the SOS show I have always believed it to be full of good, smart, and funny people with a common interest in just being silly and real. I only ask that each of you take a few hours to explore what we created at http://www.brobenkind.com before Frank can no longer afford to keep up a site that has seen virtually no traffic since we put it up.

    Please visit the pages and watch the video and listen to the “podcast”. All the inside jokes and personalities are there if you look for them. I would very much like feedback on our messageboard there and I sincerely hope you all like what you see and hear. But if you don’t, tell us that too!!

    I would especially like to get Bryan, Jerry and Rob’s opinion on the “show” (and to see if they can find the not so hidden SOS reference)

    I know a lot of you here on the forums have your own website and podcasts that you keep updated and current. But http://www.brobenkind.com is not the type of site that gets updated often. It’s more like a book or a movie, watch it or read it once and then you are done…but tell your friends.

    If you listen to only one podcast this year listen to switched on…but if you listen to two then listen to http://www.brobenkind.com and the fake radio show WDCK “where nobody pumps it like the Dick”

    ..and watch the KrockenKollege video
    …and look at the photos
    …and read the text
    … and follow the broken links

    …..and maybe you’ll get Eunice’s phone Number

    Thank you all for taking the time to check it out, I truly appreciate it…..

    …I’m sure Frank does too…….vagrant……

    -FrankenBing the “Brobenkinds”

    **IF this message is against forum rules, or rules of good taste and tact, then I blame Newman for not deleting it before you read it**

    nuthin but love Newman…who by the way has already seen the site…

    love that Newman….in a non-gay way.


    I’ve been really busy the last couple of days, but I assure you I will listen soon…


    I will listen again only if you sign my crappy guest book…


    Ok, so either no one is going or no one likes what they find….

    …some feedback would really help here fellas.


    the site was loading so slow for me, that I put it off until tomorrow at work. No worries, there is a post-it on my desk with the vitals.


    I checked it out a couple months ago. It was good. OK. Get off my back.


    Thanks, Mike. 😆


    I have to admit — there was too much music for my taste. But really damn funny. You guys have really good comedic timing, but we already knew that. So, yeah — more to come?


    I don’t get how the stings were slick as hell soundwise but the quality on the show is no where near as good. The content is good I mean, but the audio quality is kack, so when it comes in after the slick stings it sounds even worse. I don’t get off on so much music in this kind of show either (except as short 10-20 sec bumpers) but listening to you guys yacking is sweet, way above average for a podcast. I’d be a regular listener if there was regular content.

    Haven’t checked out the other content yet.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    I’ll check it out Thursday.

    I like titties.


    I’ll check it out Thursday.

    I like titties.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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