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360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii…

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360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii…

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    I was wondering if this thread would just come up, but since it hasn’t…

    Okay, so the 360’s got Gears of War and lots of other games I want to get in the middle of, and of course, next year is Halo 3.

    The PS3’s got the benefit of being the cheapest Blu-Ray DVD player on the market, as well as being the top console with respect to horsepower.

    The Wii is a contender simply because it’s so farkin’ cool. After seeing the console in action, I really want to get one of those, too.

    Where do you guys stand on this stuff? There’s a part of me that thinks I’m getting too old, but then again — I love me some Halo. For just me, the 360 would be the way to go, but the PS3 would be the cat’s pajamas for the Blu-Ray and the Wii would be easier to buy, not just because it’s cheaper, but because I think that it’d be an easier sell to the wife..


    I’ve always been biased to the Playstation, not sure why just am. I’ve got the ps2 and the Xbox, but am holding out on the next-gen consoles to see which one has the games I want and how they perform before I drop a huge chunk-o-change on what is basically a toy.

    If I could get one today I would probably go with the ps3. But the 360 does have some mean shit on it.

    Never been too much into the Nintendo thing, seems like they want to corner the market on younger gamers anyway.

    just my two cents

    Right now I am playing Scarface on the ps2 and could really use a submarine full of coke.


    First off: On the point of age: I’m 38 and game every day. 80% of gamers in this country are over the age of 32, so don’t let that stop you.

    As for the PS3, don’t let the 8 core processor fool you. All the reviews on the hardware say that the cell proc isn’t even as powerful as the CoreDuo in my MacBook Pro. Also, games are supposedly MUCH more difficult to code and from the reviews I’ve been reading, the games are pretty bad so far. As for BluRay, don’t be so quick to jump on that bandwagon. Remember that the format war is still just in it’s beginning stages and it’s still unclear who the victor would be. I am extremely hesitant to pay the price premium for either of these “standards” yet because I’ll invariably pick the wrong one.

    360 is the clear choice for serious gamers. Better graphics and a yearlong headstart on the PS3 mean that most of the bugs have been worked out. Price is better too.

    Everyone should rush out and buy a Wii. at $250 how can you go wrong. Especially if you love the Mario and Zelda games. The reviews I’m reading on this platform are pretty fantastic.


    Yeah I’ve heard a lot of people with concerns on the actual power of the ps3 voice similar opinions to DJ. I’m not convinced that those issues will really amount to much when it comes to the performance of the console on the market. The ps2 was underpowered compared to the original Xbox and still did quite well. Most casual gamers (I’m guessing) are not technically savvy enough to compare raw power and whatnot when buying a system. So despite the ps3’s shortcomings I think it will still be a powerful force in the console market.

    Games like GTA sold ass loads of copies and were technically inferior in many ways. I just don’t think flash and dazzle graphics sell games as much as people think. I’ve seen plenty of awesome looking games that played like shit.

    Hell even Halo looked wonderful but if you were stuck playing just the single player campaign (yes most people still do that sort of thing) then it was not the end all be all game some people claimed it to be.

    The ultimate goal for game makers (which is where the real money is made) is soon gonna be for gamers to own both consoles.

    All said and done I care more about the games and how they play. For every truly FUN game I found on either the Xbox or the ps2 I tried several dozen that sucked ass (thats a lot of wasted time when you have a job and any type of life at all, as I’m sure you all know just as well as me). Maybe more attention should go into what gamers WANT and stop trying to force feed us this technology that no one really gives a crap about.

    Oh, and GTA3 was cool..but for God’s sake stop copying the same fucking formula over and over again!! Sandbox-type gaming doesn’t always have to be a GTA clone.

    Bing’s Video Game Bitches:

    -GTA clones (see above)
    -Unlockable content (just open the fuckin’ shit already)
    -Games that are irritatingly hard (I’m not into sweating bullets just to prove I can beat a level. If the shit’s TOO hard I couldn’t really care less.)
    -People that brag in the Game Store about their prowess on beating hard games mentioned above (get a girlfriend dude…hell go RENT a girlfriend)
    -Games with no cheat codes (I bought it, my decision to cheat or not to cheat)
    -Playing any fighting game with Frank (Jack Ramsey anyone?)
    -Dumb shit FMV sequences you CAN’T skip through
    -Platform jumping (aka the spinning blades of death from God of War)
    -The Prices


    I like the 360, it’s loud, it’s from the devil, and it cost a lot. -But it’s pretty cool anyway. Gears of War is the shit. My kid beat it at 2 difficulty levels in less than a 24hr period this weekend, but wants it for Xmas anyway.

    That said, the Wii looks like the most real fun.


    It really is all about the games. And for my money, the 360 has the most games I want to play.

    But, I’m a big fan of just about anything Nintendo does. They might be geared towards kids, but the gameplay always sets standards. Metroid. SMB. Zelda. There you go. It’s hard to top those.

    And, Dave — I’m definitely a casual gamer. But just like anything, if I get into something, I’m IN IT. Like when Halo 2 came out? Yeah…count me out of just about everything for like a month. But then I’ll go a month, two months without playing anything.


    We’ll… since I’m a huge gaming dork… I’ll eventually have to get all three… PS3 has Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, MGS, Guitar Hero, etc etc. 360 has Xbox Live, Halo, Forza, Gears of War, Fable, etc etc… and Wii has all the Nintendo first-party goodness and what wicked awesome controller (It seems like it owuld get old after a while so I hope they come up with some sort of ‘real’ game pad attachment…

    I think I might start out with the 360 early next year and a Wii by Christmas ’07… as for the PS3… I’ll buy it whenever the 60gig drops to $400 or less…


    I got a Xbox 360, so I’ve already made up my mind. If you’re concerned about hd video, the 360 has the HD-DVD player out, and it’s optional, so they aren’t shoving it down your throat. I have Xbox Live and Gears of War, and I can definitely say that it is the best gaming experience I’ve ever had. Right now, I just thing that the 360 has a better online service, better games, and great third-party support in the future.

    I am not a complete and total Microsoft fanboy, however. I think that I might pick up a Wii sometime after Christmas, just because the motion control is so damn cool.


    I got a PS2, then an Xbox later, just the fact at that time KOTOR was only on two consoles, PC and Xbox, not PS2. But now, I have the 360, PS3 yes good in some aspects but a little bit more for my taste. Big deal Blu-Ray. Matter of fact, I head guy at Sony said that the PS3 was a good invest for 5 years. Right?! Cars don’t last that long and surely not electronics. I agree with Bryan and DJohnson here about the 360. Here’s another fact. Hope this will help, Rob. Microsoft announced that starting Nov. 22 you can start downloading movies and tv shows and some in HD.

    MTV news with some digit facts
    Detroit News


    So after waiting for 3 hours to not get a Wii, I still want one. Mainly for Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    I want a 360 for Halo3 and HaloWars (halowars.com if ya didt know about it).

    And the PS3 has nothing for me.


    360 is the best bet. It has the most and best games. I still play Halo 2 on xbox live a lot, Gears of War is fuckin sick, and Oblivion is addicting as hell. Wii looks like it gets old quick and the novelty wears off. PS3 is expensive and has shit for games right now.


    Don’t get me started on the sad state of gaming today. Everything that comes out now is just another FPS to me. I’m tired of the whole lot of them because they’re really all the same. RTS games are all the same. Someone really needs to come out with a new genre to shake things up.

    Of course, I’m still mad-addicted to World of Warcraft, but that’s just because I’m an RPG whore.


    How about an SOS game where you control Rob trying to save the chickens while collecting boobie power-ups


    You mean saving the chickens from Rob and throwing boobies to keep him off-guard.


    He spends his time running from midgets, down syndrome kids and Paw-Paw with the chocolate finger.

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