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Re: “You-Tubers”

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Re: “You-Tubers”

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It’s unbelievable. I mean, it’s people… Just talking!… Like, into shit! It’s not a podcast. It doesn’t spare you one of your five senses so you can do it while multi-tasking. They don’t make videos that would be considered “an effort to produce a short product for your entertainment”. They’re not even bizarre or disturbing videos content-wise. Instead the creepiness is that it’s just people, in that really creepy perspective of “you’re the monitor staring at them slouched in front of the computer” (am I the only one who finds that angle creepy? If I had a mirror here, I swear I wouldn’t spend more than two minutes a day on my computer) and they just talk about their feelings. It’s like evesdropping on a phone conversation but more boring. I must search deeper into this subculture and find out more.

I have nothing wrong to say about the people who actually make videos with content, writing, and some kind of production… but these… it’s just people… Uuuuuuhewwww.