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Re: “You-Tubers”

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Speaking of retards, some bitch writes me on myspace talking about, “Can you please take down the picture of the retarded kids?” (I’m paraphrasing here), but yeah, some random writes about how her brother has Down Syndrome and it’s offensive to her that I “made fun of them”. What it was, was a completely absurd joke I came up with about retards in general and wrote it on my site with a little photo for flavor. So I write back saying, “Look, you see something like my post and becoming so blindly offended that you’ve got to write a letter says to me that you’re the one judging your brother as being insufficient”. Stupid ho. So now I’m having problems with my site and I’m trying not to say it’s that dummies fault.

Oh, and yeah! That first guy is fucking pretentious! I saw a couple more of his posts. Fuuuuck people!