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Re: Why I won’t have kids…

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Re: Why I won’t have kids…

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Bing’s just mad in general… because he doesn’t have kids. j/k

I do have kids, 2 of them. And, for the MOST part I agree with both of you. People are too fucking stupid and selfish to breed. I’m tired of being on a plane and hearing some north dallas self-centered ‘proud’ mommy talk only about her kid (one-up style) for an hour and a half in the loudest voice possible. Lady, with you as a parent you kid is going to grow up needing praise and encouragement for not forgetting to breathe… for the rest of her life. She will only think about herself, she will think the wind changing direction is not fair and generally will be a social strain on everyone around her. You should study about Tachyon particles, build an accelerator and discover time travel for the sole purpose of going back 7 years and rethinking your stance on abortion. Or REALLY think about the children and just off yourself all together.

People fucking suck… even if they don’t have kids. Kids just makes their suckedness compounded, to the nth degree. The ones that want to bug anyone else about having kids are just worthless, and deep down realize it. So, they don’t know how to articulate the way they feel… so they want to share in their misery, or just force you to do something they can identify with. Fuck them.

Fuck the parents that make my kid get in trouble for making a ‘gun’ out of his finger and thumb and pretending to shoot people. That’s right, good ‘ole wholesome cops and robbers stuff is strictly prohibited because some touchy feely fucktard decided that it teaches their kid violence and they complained.

Having kids doesn’t mean you are raising hellians, or annoying strains on society… but for many people, it sure as hell increases the odds that you’ll either produce some, or become one yourself.

My oldest is not really annoying at all. He’ll likely grow up to be much more like me. But best of all, instead of teaching him that I can shield the world around him, I’m trying to teach him how to be a man… on his own one day. That’s all it’s about, teaching our kids how to be adults. That’s our job. Survival, and enough social responsibility to make sensible decisions for one’s self. End of job. Not my job to help people manage their kids, or to help change the world to make their job easier. But I do believe it’s my social responsibility as said adult to tell them when they are fucking up (the parent).

Don’t agree at all on the pollute as much as I want thing. I’m not all green and a tree-hugger, but it would be a lot better if the planet sustained humanity long enough for good ‘ole Americans to piss off some aliens too. I just don’t do to the big stupid ass stuff, and try to be aware of the impact. I want big industries to make changes before I waste my time putting aluminum cans into a recycle trash can. Hey, how about get that fucking Hydrogen up and running bloated auto makers. What? The oil industry doesn’t want you too? They are just there, because their selfish money making greedy fucking parents had to have kids and produce a short sighted, self-centered brat that would one day continue to fuck up the world.

Let’s think about the kids… you want to change the world for your kids and everyone else’s? Take out the parents.