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Re: Why I won’t have kids…

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Re: Why I won’t have kids…

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I understand….

Accept that statement as a true unification of belief and vision or as a second hand gesture, doesn’t change the fact that….

I believe we should all have the right to smack other people’s kids in public…YOU think your kid is cute and adorable, I think they are annoying attention whores that smell like poo and fuck up movies with their crying.
In fact I am so dedicated to the “I don’t have kids” section of humanity that I don’t give a damn about environmental concerns…..”Help make The World a better place for our children”


These are YOUR kids and I plan to pollute with glee and not give damn about the next 100 years. Better teach them little crumb snatchers of yours to deal with what comes their way the same we all did….

Gas Shortage?…Ride a bike bitch, might find a friend or two on the highway littered with old 18-wheelers from Mom and Dad’s day

Global Warming?…get naked, hell your Grandparent’s did it in the 1960’s

Second Coming?….good luck

the point is this…some of us love our children….others of us are content to let you love YOUR children…don’t assume we must have the same experience to live a full life. And the next dumb summbitch that tells me you have to have kids to know the meaning of life will understand the meaning of almost not being able to live life anymore ’cause I’m kicking that asshole in the nuts with a broke hip and a titanium crutch….

God Bless and Love To All