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Re: Why Good People Go Bad.

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Re: Why Good People Go Bad.

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rob wrote:
I really can’t see it lasting too much longer, and it might take another tragedy not unlike 9/11 to wake us up collectively.

Balderdash! People have always been assholes, and they always will be. The only reason people (who’re otherwise assholes) “pull together” or start passing out hugs and free dixie cups of water after unpleasant events is because enough people around them are sufficiently emotionally destabilized by the unpleasantness that they might catch a real-life, full-speed, lynch-mob ass kicking if the asshole continues in their dicketry.

It seems to me that we’re (for the most part) ready for a new stage of evolution.

The reproduction rates of assholes vs. legit people would seem to indicate that the “next stage of evolution” would continue to be assholes as the dominant species. I think that the only way that jerks and jackasses will start to be the less-fit-to-survive is if legit people start calling the jackasses out in public, and demanding that everyone else who isn’t a jackass step up, too.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good [people] to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke

So, Bing, I gotta say, that.. I need to stop using so many goddamn commas.

Bing, put the hammer down on those rude, unpleasant shitheels that make life unpleasant for everybody else. Be relentlessly vitriolic and incomparably hateful toward those assholes, but beware that you don’t become an asshole yourself.