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Re: Why Good People Go Bad.

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Re: Why Good People Go Bad.

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All good points my friends.

You may be onto something here, perhaps my selfishness is increasing my anger to others, I assume you were referring to the selfishness of others but that made me think of it the other way around.

Rob, think smaller dude. I see what you are saying and you have a very valid point. But I am thinking on a one on one level.

Bryan, uh….yeah… 8)

I guess what all of that was about is this.

When (in your opinion) does being a dick become justified as a whole? I don’t mean on a case by case basis, but rather a “I give up on trying to be the good guy” thing. I’ve just noticed that being a “nice guy” is taking more and more effort every year and it really doesn’t seem to make a difference. I was a damn friendly dude at 21, now I just wanna tell little kids that Santa is a lie and Grandma went to Hell.

or perhaps I am already a dick and just lack follow-thru

Input and opinion from all is welcome…