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Re: Video haha

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That’s really not far from what I was like when I was a kid.

Let me see……

1. I’ve managed to shoot a hole, accidentally, through one of my friends ears with a .22 airgun 😯

2. I built a mortar using bits of sawn up scaffolding poles, and launched a firework rocket from it. Only for it fly over the
top of some houses and explode in the middle of a party somebody was having in their back garden.

3. I was messing around with some metal-loaded epoxy resin and somehow managed to glue my parents car doors shut.

4. I permanantly borrowed some Magnesium powder from school and ran an experiment to see how quick it would ignite, very quickly is the answer (no eyebrows, hair at the front and retinal afterimages for an hour as proof) 😀

If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.