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Re: Updates Abound

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Re: Updates Abound

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Nope, it was doing this before I started the changes. The slow has been for the last 2 weeks. Quite honestly, I’m not making a ruckus with GoDaddy about it, because I accidentally missed my domain renewal last month. So now, instead of costing me like 9 dollars or whatever, it’s going to be about $85. So, I have to wait until tomorrow or Friday. What does that mean? Well, technically, this could all suspend any moment now until I send that over (domain expiration)… so I don’t want to call over there rocking the boat, ya know?

But, this server has always done this, I have to make them restart services about once every 2 months or so.. there is probably 400 or more domains on there, because GoDaddy is low grade hosting.