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Re: Transformers teaser poster revealed

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Re: Transformers teaser poster revealed

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Okay, I’m gonna geek out for a bit, so hope you’re ready…

The first episode of the Transformers — they showed a bit of Cybertron. Enough to know that the Autobots were leaving Cybertron to find energon cubes. The Decepticons raid their ship and end up crashing on Earth. Then a volcano erupts, waking up the computer in the ship. I just remember the computer saying, “Explore, explore”, and then, once finding designs for the Transformers to transform in to, the computer repaired the lot of them.

Now, a couple of things always bothered me about this first episode, and I’m curious to see what they decide to change. First, why did all of them in their robot form still look like they had Earth parts — for example, Jazz still had a Porsche front end, and Ironhide still had the windshield of the van, before they came to Earth to transform into those things. And second, the computer didn’t realize what to repair and what not to repair — in other words, even though the Decepticons were enemies, the computer still repaired them. So how and why did it not use similar designs? Is this just another case of “it’s in the script?”

So yeah, I’m really curious to see how they’re going to handle all this. Apparently, they’re not going to be using the characters of Spike and Sparkplug, and Bumblebee won’t be a Volkswagen Bug, as we’ve already seen. But why did we see a cop car with a Decepticon symbol? I thought Decepticons weren’t cars?

Okay, so am I a dork or what? Discuss…