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Re: Transformers, anyone?

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Re: Transformers, anyone?

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I finally got to watch it at full frame rate (the high-res one played like ass on my iBook)… I really want to see footage from the real movie now.

Opinions: Do you like the slow transforming (as in the clip above) where you can really see everything that is going on, or are you a bigger fan of the high speed, and more acrobatic type of transform like in the dancing Citreon commercial? http://uk.download.yahoo.com/ne/fu/oa/eurcncs185030.mpg

Myself, I enjoy the slow transform and would like to see it in the movie when someone is injured or something. However… in general, I think the high speed transform looks much cooler, and seems to better represent a race of intelligent robots that are capable of evolving, space travel, fighting and everything else. The slower stuff, while it looks great in footage like the one Rob posted, seems to be limited by what we understand of typical hydraulics, and in the case of that flick, even imply that it’s how the transformers move. I gotta think that a race of self-aware, transforming robots could develop something better than earth-style loud ass hydraulics. That’s probably more thought than I should apply to it, but it’s been done already, so get off my ass about it!