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Re: tired of damn fish

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Re: tired of damn fish

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Deadliest Catch = the suck
Cash Cab = return of the suck
American Chopper (now) = predictable suck
Mythbusters (now) = starting to suck

Sorry guys, people only think she’s hot because she’s not an ugly geek. Oh, I’m sure if she lived on my street I’d take a look when she’s watching her car, but having her on the show is like this forced (oh we gotta get a geek hot chick) BS, and I think it detracts from what I like about the show. I also think that the show is too much rehearsed explanation now, and not enough busting action.

How it’s Made is the show I get sucked into on the Discovery / Discovery Science. It’s like those goofy elementary school films done correctly. But pretty much I just pop around the cable channels to find movies I want to watch.

TLC = good ideas that have turned into marketing pollution