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Re: The White stuff.

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Re: The White stuff.

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Version3 wrote:
Armez is in TX too. 2 inches of pure snow probably wouldn’t cause real problems in TX either, but that’s not what we get. On top of that, we don’t have the equipment to keep the roadways clear, and to make it all worse, in most cases the temperature hovers right around freezing when all of this goes on. That means that snow ice or anything else just turns immediately to slush on all roadways, because they are above freezing and/or are being driven by vehicles above freezing. After that the slightly below freezing air/wind new precipitation hits it, it because super dangerous… it’s often clear or black (matching many roadways) and not really everywhere.

People who have migrated to TX always make fun of how we ‘shutdown’ when we get a little of this stuff… but it’s just not like driving in snow. Snow can be dangerous too, but everyone can see it, and it’s obvious it’s there. With our town, people thing it’s all okay, and it’s not. Even worse, our truck to passenger car ratio is really different than other parts of the country. All of those dickfaces think they can drive on anything. Somehow idiots with big vehicles and/or 4-wheel drive think that their cars stop and turn better on ice. Fucktards.

That and a lot of people drive like completely decerebrated asstards in my town.

I’d elaborate, but I’ll save the great wall of China text for another day.