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Re: The Saga Continues (more webcomic)

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Re: The Saga Continues (more webcomic)

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El Rustirino wrote:
This makes me miss Horse Drownings, Scatt you have a sexy voice

I’m confident enough in myself to politely say ‘thank you’ and appreciate that statement.

Pssst! Not that I haven’t done it many times before, but I’ve been really thinking about bringing the show back lately. Now don’t tell your parents!!

Seriously though, with podcasting as well as anything else, the moment I make it into what seems like ‘work’, I lose interest. Which is why I’m about to pitch all the rules and guidelines out the window and record however I feel like at the time. Makes me want to record again. At least throw new things up on the feed.

See, my site used to be complimentary to the podcast, because the podcast was the main point and reason to have a site to begin with. Now it’s the other way around, so hopefully I won’t give as much of a crap about doing a good show enough to do it more often. I’m ceasing to speak…