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Re: The REAL truth about SOS

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Re: The REAL truth about SOS

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Ah, so that’s what George W. Bush meant when he said he had a mandate! Ah, now I get it!

You know, I just finished downloading every fucking SOS file (well, 189 out of 190 … I can’t figure out which one I’m missing goddamnit) and I think I’m ready to add to that collection. I can tell everyone out there who hasn’t downloaded the greatness that is the Switched On Show, you’re looking at a rough (sometimes butch-rough) 12.8 gigs, not bad considering how much “funny” the guys pack in each episode.

So, that’s 12.8 gigs, or 12,800 megs, that’s about 67.368 megs per show. Now the “funny” is an extra 25 percent more per show, giving it around 89.624 megs squeezed into the average of 67.368 megs for each show.

What does this prove? Nothing. I’m an idiot when it comes to math. My point here is that there is no point to be made. If three guys from Texas (excuse me, Tejas) can bring the “funny” at around 89 megs per clip, I say that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I say these three guys are funny enough to cram as much “funny” as they can into each show, making it 95 or even 100 megs per show! Now there’s the challenge, guys. We are a bit low on our “funny” and need some more. If you won’t do it for me, or Bing, or Pa-ul, or Darth, or Newman, or THX, or Scatt, or Digi, or Mike3point, or the hot girl that was here for a short period of time or EVEN Bucho, … do it for Rusty and Armez. Think of a world without Switched On Show? That’s no kind of world for them to grow up in!

Gentlemen, will someone please, please … think of the children. Pawpaw can’t do it alone.

I’m Frank and I approve this message.