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Re: The Official “I hate my job” post

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Re: The Official “I hate my job” post

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Darth Octavious wrote:
… And what I see, that alot of these black people here in southeastern NC that I work with, are dumb, maybe its an issue of lack of education. I am not making jokes or being a racist. The stuff that I have seen is unbelieveable.

I don’t see your comments as racist dude, like you say it’s about lack of education a lot of the time. And that goes back to culture, not race.

It’s scientifically illiterate to say that one race is smarter or stupider than another, but not even arguable that certain cultures nurture and breed higher levels of intelligence. There’s probably never been a culture in history that can compete with Japan’s intellectual superiority and it’s not because of genes, it’s because in those terms their culture is the strongest on the planet. It inevitably comes back to discipline, which feeds into and out of mental strength, and for the most part those crazy nips kick our flabby western asses.

Where it gets blurry is that while race doesn’t determine potential, culture does determine the chance of fulfilling that potential, and race often determines culture. Therefore, albeit indirectly, race affects potential.

Whatever, good shit Rob, you’ve been bummed out in that job for ages. The same kind of crap happened to my best mate, he got fucked around, promised things that would never eventuate, basically mentally abused by his boss. Finally, after hanging in for too long, he quit and got picked up for more money doing better work and since then his old company has gone to shit, only a quarter the size it was while he kept it afloat. And because his mental state and self-esteem has improved out of sight his health’s improved because he’s more motivated to look after himself, cut out eating so much crap and get sweating more often. It sickens me, he’s like a living cheesy motivational commercial.

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