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Re: The Official “I hate my job” post

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Re: The Official “I hate my job” post

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rob wrote:
Hey, I got to put my 2 weeks notice in today! And as much as I want to help, there’s a reason I don’t want to be here, other than the prospect of pure bliss from the next job, and when I describe this, I hope no one takes offense…

I am the minority at this store. The last time I saw this many black people I was watching Man on Fire. I mean, I don’t know why, but I’m really uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the stories I’ve heard from this store — like, cars being stolen out of the parking lot in broad daylight. Jeez, man, I just want to go home now. And I have to be back tomorrow, too…

I don’t know if a congratulations is in order but congrats! I almost done serving my 2 weeks “sentence”, got 5 more days to go. And for your comments, I am fine. 6 months ago when I moved to NC to work, I have met and worked with alot of black people unlike when I was in NY. And what I see, that alot of these black people here in southeastern NC that I work with, are dumb, maybe its an issue of lack of education. I am not making jokes or being a racist. The stuff that I have seen is unbelieveable.