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Re: The “new” 2 girls one cup

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Re: The “new” 2 girls one cup

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Octavious wrote:
Bing wrote:
Google “BME Pain Olympics

I agree with Rob. They are things that I wished I never saw/heard on the internet. It takes me a long time to forget what I saw. People are fucked up in this whole and in this age of technology, brings those freaks to the forfront.

BTW Bing were you bored one day?

I have a morbid fascination when told “this WILL shock you”. I wanna prove that I can look at it and not be affected by it.
Of course I am only right half the time….the other half are things I try to forget that probably poison my mind and soul a little bit.

The internet didn’t invent these sickos it just made hooking them up together easier. I’m sure before the net there was a thriving underworld market in “Cut your Peter Off” VHS double features…