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Version3 wrote:
Bing wrote:
AAYY!!….switched on, pay attention to me. I’m Bing the hick with the impossibly thick and luxurious long hair. Speaking of thick, guess what Bryan’s dog is doing to me now.

Geeze Bing, when are you gonna hurry up and leave us voicemail?

PS: the game works better if you give me a reacharound every now and then.

Now you listen here you nastified tub of testicle sweat. If’n I choose to play with lil’ Bing Jr. when I’m voicemailing you guys then you’d just better thank your Yankee stars I ain’t sending you pics from my phone. How do you think Ole’ Robbie would react to seeing his face tattoo’d on my shlingy-shlang? (complete with a giant forehead zit?)

And don’t even get me started on that Jerry fella…granted I think he’s not even a real person and is in fact Bucho with some CGI (rendered in real time no doubt) to put him in the pictures.

And you, Captain of the PawPaw…leader of the bumpatters….king of the land of saggy boobs and itchy privates, dare to insult such a loyal listener….

For shame you foul-mouthed brute. May the splashback of a thousand urinals land upon your feet

“AAYY!! If’n sum sumummabitch done been gone and talkin shi-ite ’bout you, then best’n if’n ya jus poo in their beer.”

The Book of Bing
Chapter “Vagrants and Foreigners”
page 2