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Re: The Game

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YouFollowMe? wrote:
Frank wrote:
Bing wrote:
Frank wrote:
Oh, I can see right now this is gonna get ugly and swollen. Like the women that have been in my life. *sigh*

I don’t know, you did have that little hottie blond at the paper. She ALMOST made up for that moose with bad breath that fed-ex’d pictures of herself to you.

Chick looked like Bucho in a dress carrying a disemboweled sheep.

Here Bing is trying to get some sleep and all I can hear is her bleating and blattering in coital bliss in Frank’s room.
(either that or she was just really agreeing with what he said)

“Yes, oh yes Frank, play with my antlers!!”

Took me years to get over it.

Yeah, I don’t think you want to start that blowjob, Bing. Neither of us would make stains on the couch if we did.

Sounds like a party guys, but I think I’ll stay away. Far away.