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Re: switched:ON and the state of comedy…

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Re: switched:ON and the state of comedy…

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Rusty, you have a bad habit of getting way to wrapped up in the emotional aspect of your posts on this board. Chill out dude.

What you are attempting to put into play about my comments of the general population, don’t necessary apply to the case I made before. Both TFG and KOTH compete for a segment of the population. That segment is much more like minded to people like us on this board, than just the general population. The actions and tastes of this segment are not necessarily summed up by the average of all people sucking. TFG doesn’t have a 80% share, not even in it’s target demographic… it’s a very small piece of the target demographic. Much the same with KOTH.

Those that are represented by those ratings, surveys and general enthusiasm for these two shows are a segment of the population that by my judgement (and probably others, but we’ll leave it to mine since you brought a summary of my general people philosophy in) that don’t suck quite as bad, and don’t just like shit. They probably like a balance of shit and sensible stuff.

From my point of view, my point makes perfect sense… and KOTH still sucks. 😀 I don’t see how my point that I like it (as do others here) is trying to “get you on it”, I don’t care if anyone else watches it or not. I don’t even get to watch that much. But I must say, as similar as SOS gets to that show at times, it surprises me that any of our listeners wouldn’t like that show, much less very vocally despise it.

BTW: Those movies that Rob mentioned not liking at all… the Apatow flix of late.. yeah, I’ve watched them. I even laugh at them. I think they are funny. Not as funny as the average free moving bag of water does, but I think they are funnier than he does. It doesn’t upset me, and I don’t feel the need to defend them. They aren’t genius or anything.