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Re: switched:ON and the state of comedy…

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Re: switched:ON and the state of comedy…

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I haven’t seen any of those Judd Apatow or Harold and Kumar films yet so I can’t get into that side of it. I found American Pie so dull I never watched the sequels.

But I don’t know if comparing SOS to blockbuster comedies is apples with apples. These scripts can’t touch the type of humour SOS deals because they’d get R-18ed and the studios won’t bankroll them. The huge majority of blockbuster films are utterly unchallenging no matter what the genre.

Are there no stand-up comedians that cross the line right now? I’m not in tune enough with the scene to know but I know you guys would often discuss comedians on the show and really it’s a better comparison between podcasts and stand-up. I guess I’d also ask, when has the state of movie comedy ever really pushed boundaries?

Another thing to consider is that one of the most popular comedy podcasts, Keith And The Girl (like it or don’t it doesn’t matter to my point), continually pushes some boundaries even more than SOS did, especially on such raw and dangerous topics like racism and religion. KATG doesn’t make me laugh as hard as SOS, and nor do I care as much about that show as I do about SOS, but I do enjoy it and I respect the hell out of Keith Malley’s balls for saying some of the shit he comes out with. There must be stand-up comedians that fly out there on rockets too, no?

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