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Re: Superman Returns Dissed Bigtime By WB

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Re: Superman Returns Dissed Bigtime By WB

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I don’t think I’m worried about them starting over, that I actually get. Without everyone from Returns signed on, why would you even attempt a sequel to it? When has that ever worked? But, a dark Superman movie? Dark super hero movies as a policy. When did executives completely cease to know anything at all about actual films (see my post about Lucas for a possible answer here)?

We are going to see a lot of DC crap for a bit I’m afraid. One thing Hollywood should learn is that not every comic property has big screen potential. If Hulk went ape shit and tore some regular people apart -became more of a monster before getting things somewhat under control I believe you’d have audiences loving it. Maybe even afraid of it. Otherwise, it should have never been a box office film, much less two of them. I don’t think Wonder Woman should be made at all; because Hollywood will be the factory in which this will be fully manufactured. They’ll either try to impress the world by sticking the so-called current “hot girl” in the revealing outfit without any regard for the movie making, or they will shoe-horn Hollywood’s “big” actress name into the role pretending what the movie needs is a “strong” actress to make WW more human. So watch out, we may get a very sad Wonder Woman in the form of Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Sad, but they fail with this shit much more often than they succeed. I wish the rest of the job market universe worked the way Hollywood does. As Kevin Smith put it: “..in Hollywood, you fail upward.”