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Re: State of the Show Address

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Re: State of the Show Address

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El Rustirino
rob wrote:
That’s strange that you would think that — why would you think I would abandon this oh, so sweet, collection of great minds? Forums just aren’t Jerry’s thing, that’s all. It’s not like he doesn’t care. And, before this forum, I wasn’t a forum person, either, so it just goes to show you, if your grandmother’s a whore, then don’t take her to Vegas, because she’ll just charge up your credit card shmoozing all of the vagrants and hippies out there. Wait, what?

Well, the reason we were so worried about you is because we knew Bryan ran the site, so he would HAVE to check up on us once in a while (not that he wouldn’t want to, mind you), and we didn’t worry about Jerry, because he has his website that we can check for stuff about him. But you don’t really have a place where we can check on you, or so we thought. Now, I know I can (and so can everyone else) email you about useless junk, which I’m surprised you put up with, and you do come to the forums. Jerry, on the other hand, doesn’t really do much. But he has a space on his website reserved for his blog, and I hope he gets that started soon. I love his music, so I’ll definitely check his site frequently.

…Man, Bryan was right. Why couldn’t I ever send voicemails that sound thought out like this?