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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Its just a part of who Asoka is , a particularly annoying part, but at least its consistent. She call nearly everyone annoying nicknames, be they R-tooie, Sky-Guy or Stinky. That’s certainly not enough to ruin a movie. I don’t know what all the critics are bitching about in all honestly. Its like A) They don’t get that its stylized, hence why it looks the way it does. B) They wanted to hate this thing so freaking badly that they were going to find something bad even if they had to invent stupid reasons to do so. C) They are taking this as an occaision to slam on George.

In all honesty, the humor was done better in this movie than any of the prequels. Even the battle droids, the attempts of humor using them in episode three was cringe-worthy but here they even got a few laughs out of me.