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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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It’s funny you bring this up. I was watching the old Clone Wars cartoons last night and really sat back and enjoyed how, even though it was a cartoon, how well it was done from chapter to chapter.

That being said, I’m excited about this coming out (as a Star Wars fan, that’s required of me) but I’m not too keen on the cheesy 3D, scale-model looking characters in this. When it was the cartoon, it was understood and I thought the animation in that was amazing. This, though, for whatever reason, just seems odd and out of place to me. Why couldn’t they have done it like the cartoons instead of the 3D animation?

Lucas will continue to drain money from me (like he always has) but I’m still not sold on that aspect of it yet. For whatever reason, it sort of bothers me that it’s 3D animation.