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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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I think I’ve figured out what it all comes down to.

When Lucas writes a movie, he always then turns it over to his colleagues for them to edit and spruce up. With that in mind, I have the original Star Wars script as written by Lucas:

There is big bad man.
Lots of people in big empire.
Oh no! Bad man has secret son!
Secret son wins!

That was his script for all three movies. After writing that his colleagues took the script and patted him on the head and said, “That’s good Georgie, that’s real good. You did a good, good thing,” while he smiled and ate his cookies and wiggled his toes. They then turned it into the Star Wars we know today.

When it came time for the prequels, Lucas got his inspiration while reading his favorite book, “How to Fist Yourself in Two Easy Steps”. Only this time, he demanded the script had no revisions, so we were left with the prequels as they are.

Now we have The Clone Wars. Again. The first line of the script starts off with, “I is bester writer than you,” so one can only imagine its quality.