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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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When it comes to the above article, I do have to disagree with it that there isn’t any interest in Star Wars among the younger generation. As I’ve heard elsewhere and as stated above (not calling you the younger generation or anything THX), there does still seem to be some interest and some new interest in it.

The reasons I didn’t care much for the prequel trilogy are because first of all, I couldn’t stand the kid they got to play Anakin in the first movie, and then I really, really couldn’t stand Hayden Christensen as Anakin in the other two movies. I think he and Lucas turned what should have been a very dark and complex character into nothing more than a whiny, annoying brat. That’s why I can never take Darth Vader seriously anymore and just call him Darth Sissypants.

Also, there are what I would call holes or unexplainable gaps between the first three and the second three… places where things said in the second three don’t quite jive with the first three, as if when making the prequels they weren’t careful about making sure everything matches up. And also the fact that the technology in the prequels seems advanced to the original three. Sure the argument could be made that we just didn’t have the ability for the special effects when the first three were made, but I still think some sort of effort to explain the difference or better integrate it should have been made.

Having said all that, I still like the Star Wars setting, and I think some interesting things could be done with new sets of characters and new storylines. I think a great example of this is the original X-Wing book quadrilogy by Michael A. Stackpole. I’m not sure how the series has gone on since the new author has taken it over, but the first four followed a new set of characters and they were very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed them. So I think there is still some possibility of more Star Wars goodness using new characters, at least in book form, as long as Lucas stays out of it.