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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Re: Star Wars Clone Wars

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Welcome, Eagle. Good to see someone new after all this time.

When you say, “but at least it’s consistent,” do you mean it’s consistently bad? Because I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. I don’t really understand why they would take something that works and then say, “Oh, screw that, let’s go this route.” That’s just silly to me. And that’s just not a Lucas thing. At this point, I think that it’s grown beyond Lucas, I think he just must approve these things.

That being said, I’ve tried not to be a Lucas “apologist”, as some might call me. I believe the guy’s pretty brilliant, and that anything that he comes out with I will be interested in watching. But I ask this on behalf of all Star Wars fans — “Give it a rest, George.” Just stop. Stop with the Star Wars stuff. Jesus, there’s another copy of the Trilogies coming out this year. With NOTHING new on them, just repackaging. STOP THAT SHIT! It’s just annoying and stupid. And for those interested, if you’re in the Lucas “apologist” group or the “Lucas raped my childhood” group, this was an interesting read to me.