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Re: St. Valentine’s Rant

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Re: St. Valentine’s Rant

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Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Then again, not having a girlfriend (or significant other to speak of) makes Valentine’s Day all the more shitty. It just makes you more aware that you’re fucking lonely. And (here comes my rant) …

Why the fuck is it that basically everyone I knew yesterday either emailed me, called me or sent me a text message saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Why the fuck would I care? If I was in a relationship, maybe I can see it, but this isn’t Christmas or some other holiday where you wish tidings of great cheer. It’s fucking Valentine’s Day. The day where single people outwardly hate all of those who parade their relationships. It’s fucked up is what is it. Even if you’re in a relationship, why is it that one day trumps all other days? It’s like you have to be specially romantic on Feb. 14 and forget the rest of the year? What the fuck is that all about? And then, and then … they fucking cancel Bionic Woman. Short of me buying my Switched On shirt (with the $5’s off, which basically covered the shipping) this week has fucking sucked huge sweaty elephant balls.