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Re: Sprint’s kinda neat —

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Re: Sprint’s kinda neat —

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Imagine if Bryan made a solo show every once in a while, like a compilation of Iriver recordings he laid down whenever and wherever something sweet and awesome or asslike and rant-worthy is on his mind. I would think that would take much less time and organization than an episode of SOS and I would listen to the hell out of it. As much as he always crazily bagged himself for what he thought was mumbling, that dude is one entertaining and articulate sonofabitch when he’s passionate about something one way or the other.

In fact, imagine if Rob and Jerry did similar things. Jerry at least has talked about it before in relation to his music and Rob loves the shit out of talking about films and cool tech stuff and UFOs and spaceflight. And these things would only need to be 7 or 8 minutes if that’s all there’s time for, they already have the built in fanbase and website.

Imagine that.

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