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Re: So … where is everybody?

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Re: So … where is everybody?

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I agree about being busy and going through SOS withdrawals.

The company I work for is changing models of cell phones that they are getting so instead of hurrying up and shipping the new units I am forced to take all of the damaged ones and piece together complete units.

Damn slow assed bastards.

I don’t care if you sound garbled, take it to the retail location and see if they can fix it from here. The fucker rings doesn’t it?

And get this shit,

I was voted employee of the month.. (Yeah I know, hoo fucking rah) by all of the managers at work..
By the way I am the oldest local employee in the state.

But the fucking head cheese overrides ALL of the managers and gives it to an employee who has been there for less than 5 months who doesn’t even really speak english. And all he does is push a motherfucking broom. Barely knows how to say good morning.

Somedays I wish that I was insane enough to walk into work and beat the head cheese within an inch of his life and let the other employees come in and take that last inch.

But hey, there’s always poison 🙂