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Re: So what’s going on?

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Re: So what’s going on?

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I’ve been staying at my girlfriend’s too much so not getting on the net as much lately. I mean, I’ll always log in here and read all you guys’ stuff every day but I’m usually in a hurry and if I can’t find something quick to contribute I’ll just skip out again. Conversely I’ve been repeating SOS shows more than before, the last seven or eight or so I’ve listened to three to five times each. I still haven’t found my power box for my mixer either so I can’t plug a mic in and record someting for the show yet and I can’t call voicemail from here. I’m pretty sure every forum goes through lulls at times but if I could contribute half of what Bing does in generating content it would make a difference.

BSherrod wrote:
… making a movie …

You need to expand on that one dawg.

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