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Re: So how about them democrats

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Re: So how about them democrats

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padawaneagle wrote:
Man…I’m not allowed to talk politics anywhere. 🙁

You can, it’s just a careful area.

padawaneagle wrote:
I hear one more word about how great Obama is, I might puke…

This one is just in the darker grey area. It could be a complaint about the “golden boy” type of coverage the guy has been getting, or it could be viewed as the intro into a point of view tirade. That’s why I say it’s careful space.

There are just other better places suited for it. Rob and I (more me) spent a lot of time taking a political discussion from one show, and moving it to the boards. Ultimately it resulted in a lot less switched:ON appearances from our buddy Mike Pi, and his friend Short Bus Reject, and the short fruitless discussion was far from worth the trade.

There isn’t a show driving board membership or support these days, just a few of us shootin’ the shit, so there isn’t a lot of room for someone to get all butt-hurt about something. Politics is just one of those things that even like-minded people almost always disagree on. To have a safe discussion, it almost seems as you have to have similar approaches to the debate, somewhat aligned views and tone of voice and inflection to work from. None that a board really provides.

I have issues with every candidate, always have. I like what Bill Mahr said the other night on Leno (paraphased heavily): they are all dishonest cheaters from time to time, they are politicians. I don’t know that it’s always picking the lesser of the evils (though sometimes it may very well be), but sometimes it’s just accepting the fact that they are still less than what you want them to be and you just try to find the one that best suits what you want to see get accomplished.