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Re: So how about them democrats

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Re: So how about them democrats

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El Rustirino wrote:
Oh, i guess I didn’t know it had a bad history here.

All I was gonna say is I thought Obama’s speech, along with Gore’s, was pretty dope

It’s not that it’s not allowed, it’s just sensitive. Strict views, beating on candidates and being overly “passionate” about the subject rarely ends well… especially on boards

I really think, that both candidates, and VP candidate Biden are all pretty good speakers. Hillary isn’t the speaker that Bill is; I felt like she had to rely on subject matter to drive the crowds. She speaks like she’s talking down to people… there are a lot of politicians that sound like that from time to time. Bush (who probably shouldn’t talk down to anyone) seems to do this on occasion, unlike his dad who was a pretty good speaker. More public access to politicians via TV, cable and the internet has really made it easier to focus on this aspect of political communication, as it’s always felt like something that the leaders of this country sort of lost track of in the last 100 years or so.