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Re: Show Eleventitty-one(111 for you sloo juys)

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Re: Show Eleventitty-one(111 for you sloo juys)

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I thought Inner Space was awesome when I was a kid, and Enemy Mine. I wonder what I’d think if I saw them again today.

Warning: Rant.

As entertaining as the book was those kinds of generalisations don’t amount to a pile of horse shit. Percentage-wise there are just as many imbeciles in the UK, Germany or Australia as there are in the US but each country’s pop-culture portrays them differently. It’s too easy to say USA is redneck central, a childish bully for the globe and Europe is an enlightened land, a wise head. It’s crap. Being the predominant superpower will naturally bring unbalanced attention and the US attracts a disproportionate amount of flak because of it. Of course America has problems. They’re called human beings and they’re in every country in this imperfect world. Compare the US with other countries that have similar or larger populations and America is doing pretty fucking well, no matter what you think of the current administration.

Dissent is always healthy, especially internally, democracy depends on it. But any country who considers itself superior to the US, either morally or otherwise, is in a glasshouse throwing stones. Rant done.

I was hanging out for Bing’s answer to the last thread question of the Who The Hell Listens To SwitchedOn Bing Edition he said he’d answer in voicemail. Did I miss it or something? Sometimes idiots miss things. There were some really funny music moments in this show too, it’d be cool if some of those samples could be looped longer and brought out again in a couple of shows time. Also, bring on the video segements gentlemen, even if it’s a 2 minute clip from a 2 hour show, that’d be sweet.

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