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Re: Show 2-05

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Re: Show 2-05


Show 152 was a treat. First, as usual, kick-ass artwork. Rob, that lesbian rant was hilarious, your British accent was funny and when you were talking about Lindsay, I thought of a shirt that she can wear “I Fucked Rob Michaels Because He’s Funny!”

Jerry your part of the show was kick-ass especially in the beginning when you said out loud the person’s license plate number. And the ode to Bucho by walking in the store getting a soda.

What can I say about the Captain. Yes, you were funny talking; about one of the worst cars every made, then having a tourettes moment when you yelled “Fat chick driver” and you said something the person driving the HHR. Nice road rage, I agree.

And I loved the ’67 Bug man, it bought back memories. It added classic vintage to the show, meaning, when Rob and Jerry recorded their part of the show, the ambient noise was almost quiet, but your VW brought character.

Loved the show.