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Re: Show 2-05

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Re: Show 2-05


I liked all the three parts, especially how aggressive Jerry came across. He’s always had that edge to him and the way he lets it out in bursts but with restraint pulling it back puts a great tension and release into his delivery, he’s just such a naturally funny dude and even after three years it still catches me out how good he can be.

I always thought if the three guys did solo shows Bryan would be the best at it because he’s such a good story teller and expresses his thoughts very strongly and clearly. If there was any justice in the world he would be a highly paid talk-back host, I could listen to him talk about pretty much anything. But what’s been cool to realize is that Rob and Jerry absolutely have what it takes to carry a monologue show, and plenty naturally too. They all have replay value too, just like the regular shows.

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