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Re: Show 122

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Re: Show 122

Version3 wrote:
My dog is naked as I type this.

I agree with you Bucho, but I fucking hate MySpace.

The VM is back up Bing, we need to have 43 calls from you before we record again next week.

I understand the hate but from a networking or pimping point of view it’s gold. For an easy way to get the word out to people who wouldn’t otherwise check the show out it’s probably unbeatable.

Also, do you guys have a regular recording time these days, for non-lunch shows I mean? You were saying it’d be cool to get some skype calls on the show but unless it …

HOLY CRAP!!! Literally as I write this post my bro comes in with the SOS Best Of 2005 from the mail and the artwork is fuggin phenomenal! This is some sexy sexy shit right here. This just made my week.

Anyway, what I was saying was I’m pretty sure you guys always record during the week these days but I don’t get in from work until what’s your guys 1 or 2 in the morning usually so unless you guys record on the weekend I can’t swing it. So all you vagrants that are in good time zones need to get yer asses on the show sometime and take up the slack from my useless position.

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