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Re: Show 118

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Re: Show 118


The first part of the show was great too, I always dig the stories of the dumb shit you do when you’re kids because it brings out some of my own memories, such extremely similar experiences from half a world away. I thought it was hard case when Bryan makes that comment about how his boy’s going to grow up a rowdy little bugger who’ll probably raise a bit of hell and you can hear a bit of pride in his voice. I could get exactly what he meant.

One of my favourite things that comes up sometimes is how Jerry and Bryan had the jamboxes and would record themselves. No wonder SOS is so natural and unforced, they were born to do this shit. The Darth Octavious clips and pretty much all the voice messages and files were fuggin great. “Mah penis won’t get hard after the fire,” is still stuck in my head from the first time it came up and every show it’s brought back just etches it deeper in my mind. It’s a hook Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney would’ve been proud to pen. Are all those instrumental tracks just bundled in with the garageband program?

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